Visualize Health​ is a video series designed to help make sense of nutritional balancing, detox, and healing.

This is a personal project by Micah Coffey. I’m just sharing what helped me recover my own health. Find more videos and links to my content at

I am attempting to explain a simple way of looking at nutrients in general. I still have work to do but this video helps explain what we can do with the technical videos below.

Introduction to – 35 minutes

I’ve created a framework that allows us to zoom around and focus on various aspects of our metabolism.

This allows us to keep our eye on the big picture while focusing on specific situations.

Genes for beginners – 2 minutes

A very simple way of looking at our genes.

Looking at the whole system is much easier when we have a better idea what each piece is trying to do, or not do.

The core of our metabolism – 3 minutes

Methylation itself is simple.

Understanding the role it plays in our metabolism is important.

What is MTHFR and should I take methyls – 7 minutes

A very quick overview of where MTHFR sits in our system and what it means to supplement with methyls.

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This is all a work in progress.

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