My general overview – 10 minutes

We’ve just about completely disconnected from nature and we’re looking at this stuff the wrong way. I started making progress with all of this when I realized most people only understand pieces and parts of all of this. By looking at nature, I found ways to visualize what we’re going for.

Introduction to the factory – 35 minutes

I’ve created several frameworks that allows us to visualize our metabolism.

As we have a better idea how this system works together, it will be easier to maximize whichever route we take through all of this.

Genes for beginners – 2 minutes

A very simple overview of what a gene is doing for us

The core of our metabolism – 3 minutes

Methylation itself is simple.

Understanding the role it plays in our metabolism is important.

What is MTHFR and should I take methyls – 7 minutes

A very quick overview of where MTHFR sits in our system and what it means to supplement with methyls.